TOP 10 Tech Hacks You Should Know

TOP 10 Tech Hacks You Should Know

A tech hacks may be a strategy, technique, trick or shortcut which will help make life easier – by speeding up efficiency, enhancing productivity and sometimes minimizing a source of annoyance with a fast trick. That’s as on the brink of a definition as you’ll get.

In this compilation, we would like to share with you 10 of our favourite tech hacks.

1 Quick Summaries

To get quick summaries of articles online, get and use the Chrome extension TLDR. The plugin shows you the gist of the article so you’ll find out if you would like to read the entire thing.

2 Proofread

To proofread an extended essay, paste your article in Google Translate and hear it. This makes it easier to select up mistakes, and therefore the tool itself can assist you devour minor typos.

3 Writing :

Run your writing or document past to clear typos, grammar mistakes and obtain help with writing styles.

4 Powerpoint presentation

If you save your Powerpoint presentation in .PPS rather than .PPT, your file goes into slideshow mode once you open it.

5 iPhone Hack

Hanging an image but don’t have a level? Well, your iPhone can help. Open Measure app, tap Level and lay your phone flat against the surface to realize a well-balanced hang.

6 frozen phone

Want a quick thanks to unfreeze a frozen phone? Plug it into its charger.

7 scrolling

Hitting the Spacebar scrolls down an internet page; hitting the Shift + Spacebar allows you to scroll copy .

8 mastercard

Keep an inventory of numbers of your mastercard companies or hotlines to cancel your cards quickly, just in case you lose your wallet or phone. you’ll do that on paper on in an email. It Very Important tech hack

9 Siri Hack

Someone must use your iPhone to form a call? Use Siri from the lock screen to form the decision . The person has no access to the other app on your phone this manner .

10 Laptop batteries

Laptop batteries can last longer if you charge them up to only 80% rather than the complete 100%

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