Christmas Games: 20 Fun Christmas Games the Whole Family Can Play

Christmas Games: 20 Fun Christmas Games the Whole Family Can Play

1. Ring the Reindeer Antlers

Ring the Reindeer Antlers

Consider this game the vacation version of ring toss. devour a reindeer antler headband or make your own if you are feeling crafty. Twist red and white pipe cleaners together to form candy cane-striped rings, then have one person placed on the scarf , while the remainder attempt to toss the rings onto the antlers. This game works great for indoors or outdoors, if you reside during a warmer climate or maybe want to enjoy a touch Christmas in July.

2. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Instead of sitting round the TV after Christmas dinner or while expecting the roast to cook, send the crew on a holiday-themed scavenger hunt. Bonus points if you come up with items that have special meaning for your family. If you would like help arising with ideas, this deck of quite 200 cards has an inside deck and an outside deck, so you’ll choose how far to send your guests.

3. Christmas Guess Who

Personalize the long-lasting game of Guess Who and provides it a vacation twist by making cards that relate to varied relations or using Polaroid photos as cards for a simple , vintage twist. Then, to guess the right person, use holiday prompts like, “Who makes her signature Christmas dessert?” or “Who’s celebrated the foremost holidays in our family?” When you’re done, incorporate the photographs into your decor.

4. Christmas Dance Freeze

Turn rockin’ round the Christmas tree into a game by holding a vacation dance-off. Throw it back to your grade school days by playing dance freeze. activate the music and obtain groovin’, then shut it off all of sudden and shout, “freeze!” Whoever stops moving last is out.

5. Oven Mitts Game

Have you ever tried opening Christmas gifts while wearing oven mitts? prepare to giggle, because it’s even as hard as you expect and sometimes has hysterical results. Besides, it’ll make your kids hamper and savor the instant when opening presents on Christmas morning — that is what we call a win-win.

6. Play Christmas Movie Bingo

Play Christmas Movie Bingo

When there is a Hallmark movie marathon on, there’s only one thing to do: Pop an enormous bowl of popcorn and fasten your bum to the couch. Turn your marathon watching sesh into a game with this Bingo board to show it into a fun family activity.

7. Snowman Bowling

Snowman Bowling

Save a stack of uniform-sized containers, like tissue boxes or shipping packages, then paint them sort of a snowman and add a paper hat and nose, painted features and a few other accessories. Grab a ball and you’re able to bowl! the youngsters will have a blast putting it together, and you’ll recycle a number of that vacation packaging.

8. Guess the Christmas Smell Game

If you have ever been to at least one of these interactive haunted houses, you already know what a challenge it are often to check your nose. Put a variety of classic Christmas scents (try peppermint, nutmeg and pine needles) into separate jars. Blindfold your guests and ask them to guess the scent. No peeking!

9. DIY Christmas Sorry! board game

This talented blogger created her own clay game pieces and cork board for this festive spin on the classic parlor game Sorry!. If you do not have the time or crafting skills to try to to an equivalent , use Christmas Hershey’s Kisses on a regulation board to offer it a touch more holiday spirit. Winner gets to eat their team.

10. Christmas Bingo

We love playing Bingo as a family because just about everyone can play, from the small ones (with some assistance) up to great- grandma (the real expert). Print out a couple of free Christmas bingo boards, crammed with candy canes, snowflakes, gingerbread men and other symbols of the season to place everyone during a holly jolly mood.

11. Gingerbread House Competition

Gameify your gingerbread house project by turning it into a contest . Challenge each construction team to create a reproduction of their house or one from a favourite movie or to craft the zaniest structure they will . Don’t eat too many of your materials along the way!

12. What’s In Santa’s Hat? Game

This tactile version of the Christmas scents challenge doesn’t require any special equipment; just a Santa hat and your imagination. It works for very young kids, but older ones will enjoy it, too. gather all the furry caps (stockings work, too!) in your house for a few all-ages fun.

13. Candy Cane Hunt

If you have already got candy canes lying around for decorating or eating, then you’re already equipped to play this game. It’s basically an Easter egg hunt, but with wrapped candy canes instead. Happy hunting!

14. Cookie Decorating Contest

Turn one among your holiday baking chores into a game for the entire family by turning up the warmth with a touch friendly competition. Whoever makes the simplest cookie wins. Add categories for messiest, zaniest or most
sprinkles for bigger crowds. Bonus: everyone gets to eat their creations at the top .

15. Sort the Ornaments Game

This toddler-appropriate sorting game will help your baby work on their categorization skills while having some holiday fun. Just craft a cardboard tree with circular colored cutouts, then watch as your kiddos match the ornaments to the acceptable spaces.

16. Holiday Charades or Pictionary

Whether your crew is crammed with amateur artists or theater buffs, you’ll add a vacation twist to your favorite bonding activity. Just swap out your charades or Pictionary prompts for holiday movie titles, songs or themes.

17. ‘Frozen’ Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Wine corks get the Frozen treatment during this wintry version of tic-tac-toe. the sport pieces are an excellent thanks to spend the leftover corks from those holiday shindigs. Your little Elsa and Anna fans are bound to like it .

18. Saran Wrap Game

Switch up your gift giving technique with this fun game that works best for groups of 4 or more. Everyone gets an opportunity to snag a bunch of zany prizes (after you unwind the wrapping , that is) with a fun game which will get guests of all ages giggling.

19. White Elephant

If you’ve never played White Elephant, you’ve to feature it to your repertoire. Everyone places their wrapped gifts during a pile, then draws numbers to make a decision who picks an incognito gift first. the primary guest grabs a gift from the pile, then each subsequent player can either “steal” a present from somebody else , or take one that hasn’t been chosen. you’ll either unwrap gifts as you go, or at the top to form the large reveal even more exciting.

20. Snowman Drawing Contest

Attention all budding artists: Try the top-of-your-head snowman drawing contest for a silly after-dinner activity. it’d just reveal some hidden talent! But fair warning: Drawing on top of your head may be a lot harder than you’ll think.

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