Christmas Tips

In This Post, We Will gives you Top 20 Christmas tips and tricks We’ve collected over the years, in one easy and manageable post

1. Ensure you have (and stick to) a budget for all cards & presents (and remember to include postage and packaging costs)

2. Get presents ready in plenty of time – so you can give them out as you see people and save on postage

3. Do a secret Santa – buy one lovely present for a specific budget – and then everyone gets one present they will love

4. Give promise rather than gifts – token for babysitting for example would be amazing for parents of young children

5. Reuse your leftover Halloween pumpkins to make snowmen

6. Use themes each year for present shopping to cut down on how many shops you have to visit

7. Use a cashback credit card or cashback website for all your purchases to get a little back (but pay back the credit card immediately to save on interest charges of course)

8. Plan all meals ahead of time – entertaining meals AND normal everyday ones during the Christmas period

9. Think outside the box if you don’t like specific traditional foods. Create your own food traditions – why not! or You can count on our Christmas tips (LOL)

10. Check with all guests whether they have allergies or intolerances so you aren’t caught out

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11. Before Christmas, get the kids to sort their existing toys and take a few to charity

12. Buy something every year to make a tradition of your decorations – you create memories as well which are so special.

13. Christmas candy sleighs make cheap and easy gifts for kids and teachers.

14. Send e-cards rather than real ones

15. Without forgetting the waste management professional, Use a cardboard box wrapped in gift paper as your garbage receptacle on Christmas morning & Why Not Adding a little gift

And when this Christmas is during covid-19, These are some important Christmas tips

16. If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that it’s not heroic to soldier on if you’re sick. If you are feeling unwell, stay at home.

17. Plan for an outdoor gathering — the risk of transmission is significantly lower outdoors.

18. If you’re hosting a gathering indoors, dine in your biggest room, or spread everybody out across a few rooms.

19. Avoid crowded seating at the table. Set up a few extra trestles or camp tables to space people out

20. Encourage your guests to perform frequent hand hygiene. Stock up on hand sanitizers and soaps and have them readily available in all rooms and outside

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