Debate: The Art of Debate certainly winning 100%

Debate: The Art of Debate certainly winning 100%

What is Debate?

• Debate is a discussion involving opposing viewpoints
• Formal debate – Has rules governing the process and interactions – The beginning speeches in a debate are called “constructive
speeches” stating your position – Evidence – Quotes and personal testimony
• Informal debate – Is a common occurrence – Structure is loose – Mistakes are easier to make

Your Objectives of Debate

• Convince others of your viewpoint

• Present yourself in a way that attracts people to you and your
• Win people to your way of thinking
• Be a leader

Components of Successful Debates

• Clearly explain your views
• Use evidence to support your viewpoint • Be sure of your facts
• Control your emotions
• Do not use fallacy
• Do not insinuate
• Listen to the opponent • Understand your opponents’ arguments
• Do not attribute ridiculous or malevolent ideas to your opponent • Attain regression to the mean

Main Areas to Consider

• Clarity
• Evidence and facts
• Insinuations or fallacies
• Emotions
• Understand counter arguments
• Respect • Presumptions


• Focus on the topic at hand

– No stories, no blabbers
– Avoid going in circles
– Break down large topic into smaller logical units.

• Dealing with smaller logical units make things simple to

– Avoids repetitions
– Don’t magnify things even under extreme emotional state
– Writing points down helps to put them in the right

• Examine your options

–Have all the pros and cons of your options clearly
defined in your mind

• helps the mind to process faster
• ensures that you are not leaving any detail out
– Eliminate the weakest option and focus on the
strong ones

• Chart out your thoughts.

–Do not lose track of your logic

– Make your logic available at a glance

• Chart

• Visuals

• Focus on one thing at a time

– It is easy to multitask and digress

– Do one thing at a time

– Take one idea at a time

– When you are sure you are done, move to the next point.

• Practice – Bounce your ideas / thoughts at someone.

• It clears your mind

• It helps improve your explanation skills
• Are you really confused?

– Sometimes, it is you who is confusing yourself

• Stop mind shatters
• Relax and you will regain focus

• Avoid confusing terms

– terms that can be interpreted differently by different

• women freedom, moral values and uneducated
• Argue from authority

– If you are not 100% confident in your knowledge, don’t

– If you are not 100% confident of you communication
capability, don’t debate

– If you are not 100% sure of your control over your emotions, don’t debate

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