Lionel Messi: Why Barcelona captain is becoming increasingly fed up at the Nou Camp

Lionel Messi is uninterested .

According to the Spanish station Cadena Ser, the Barcelona captain has broken off contract talks after finally running out of patience with the club due to the constant rumours and allegations that he’s one among the prime reasons for unrest round the Nou Camp.

Messi is disillusioned with any number of things emanating from his life at Barcelona at the instant . he’s uninterested of being accused of running the club, uninterested of individuals saying he hires and fires the coaches, uninterested of claims he chooses who should be signed and who should play and uninterested with the overall direction of the club and therefore the huge mistakes they need made within the transfer market.

Enough is enough and now he has, consistent with the the radio station’s programme El Larguero, told the club he are going to be leaving at the top of next season.

What is behind this? How likely is it to happen? the entire story needs context.

Claims are made against Messi that he wanted the club to sign France forward Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid but now not wants him there. Untrue.

On a private level, Griezmann has joined Messi and Luis Suarez, along side their wives, for dinner and their relationship is sweet , albeit Griezmann has yet to seek out his niche within the side. In any case, there’s a conscious effort by both Messi and Suarez to assist him adapt.

It is not described as a resignation announcement, but how to seem for a response.

The response came. Conversations happened between the captains and Setien, and also with Bartomeu, and bridges started being built again. Gerard Pique, one among the captains and a person who always features a nose permanently timing, put a tweet out posing for unity among the club and its fans.

But against that backdrop of lack of confidence within the board, at a time when the manager might be replaced, when players need to be signed, when a replacement contract has got to be negotiated, Messi has flexed his muscles and everybody has heard his doubts, albeit it’s come via a station .

There have in fact been previous crossroads moments within the past when Messi has compared to leaving the club.

In his youth when he was battling with Spanish bureaucracy and not yet an automatic starter at Barcelona, Inter Milan came on the brink of signing him once they indicated they were in no way fazed by his 150m euros buyout clause and were prepared to triple his salary. The wise words of the then president, Joan Laporta, swung things. Messi, who never really wanted to travel , stayed.

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