How To Play These THANKSGIVING Games

All of those THANKSGIVING games are Minute to Win It style games and counting on the number of individuals playing, there are alternative ways you’ll play them.

Don’t know what what minute to win it games are? Start with my minute to win it games page that’s filled with instructions, scoring ideas, and more! you’ll also just pick and choose a couple of of the games to play however you would like – no minutes necessary!

You can play these games in one among three ways:

Style #1: Minute to Win It for people – Man vs. Clock
In this version, one player are going to be trying to beat the clock for every game. Players will need to finish the sport during a minute to win a prize.

You could also let an equivalent person continue playing games until they can’t finish one during a minute. otherwise you could have everyone playing individually all at an equivalent time and see who all can finish the challenge during a minute.

Style #2: Minute to Win It for Groups
In this style, you’ll pick two players for every game who will going head to go against one another playing a game instead of trying to beat the clock. the primary person to end wins the prize.

Style #3: Minute to Win It for Teams
In this style, you’ll split your group into two (or 3 or 10 counting on the amount of guests) teams. for every game, teams must choose one player to compete head to go within the game with the opposite teams.

When you say go, one player from team tries to finish the sport . varsity to end gets 5 points, second team gets 3, third team gets 1, and everybody else gets none. This works best if you’ve got quite few people and may be a great way to urge everyone involved cheering for his or her team.

1 – The Mayflower

Supplies: Under the bed storage container, small corks, fake flowers, and plastic straws (optional)

How to Play:

Fill one among those big long under the bed storage containers with water. Give everyone alittle cork with a fake flower stuck into it and have them put in on one end of the storage container.

To win, player must be the primary one to urge their cork from one end of the storage container to the opposite , by only blowing thereon . they will either blow thereon alone or through a plastic straw. First cork “boat” to the touch the opposite end wins.

2 – Face The Pie

Supplies: Gummy ABC letters, pie tins, and spray topping (or real topping works too)

How to Play:

Before the party, pull out gummy letters that spell P-I-E for every letter. Put one letter of every of these words into an empty aluminum pie tin. (This pack of fifty pie tins would be perfect.)

Fill each of these pin tins with spray topping and put within the refrigerator in order that they don’t melt while you’re waiting to play.

To play, players must race to eat through their pies to seek out the letters inside. Once they find the letters inside, they need to unscramble them to make the Thanksgiving themed word you came up with. confirm to offer each player an additional pie tin to toss their found letters into for unscrambling!

Oh and and throughout everything, even unscrambling, they will only use their mouth.

3 – The Goblet Gobble

Supplies: Plastic goblets, orange ping pong balls

How to Play:

Purchase glass or plastic goblets like these ones and place one per team/player on a table on a far side of the space . On the opposite side of the space , place orange ping pong balls.

To play, players must transfer three ping pong balls from the table to their goblet on the other side of the space . The catch? they will only touch (and hold) the ping pong ball between their chin and their neck.

4 – Feather Float

Supplies: Small light feathers

How to Play:

Give each player a fake feather like these ones.

To play, players must blow the feather within the air and keep it floating within the air as long as possible.

If you’re playing individual style games, they need to keep it up for a moment . If you’re playing team or head to go , whoever keeps it up longest.

Don’t Leave Any Leftovers
Supplies: Plastic food, Thanksgiving (or just orange) cups, and Thanksgiving colored paper plates.

How to Play:

Place a bit of plastic or fake food (this set has some great Thanksgiving things like “turkey legs”) on top of a Thanksgiving cup that’s turned the wrong way up , three cups and three pieces of food for every player.

To win, players must knock off three pieces of food by tossing Thanksgiving paper plates like frisbees from the opposite side of the space .

5 – Football Flick

Supplies: Paper footballs (or mini footballs), buckets and pots, masking paper and markers to adding scores

How to Play:

Give each player paper footballs or these mini footballs and line up a bunch of buckets or baskets at varying length. Tape variety to every of the buckets – the furthest one should be 7 points, the center should be 3 points, and therefore the closest should be 1.

Players have one minute to flick (like you’re playing paper football) footballs into the buckets, scoring as many points as possible within the minute. Or have teams play simultaneously by using different colored footballs, and see who can get to 21 points first.

Or if that’s too hard, see who can make a football into any bucket first.

6 – Grateful For Speed

Supplies: Gratitude game and treats

How to Play:
Make a gratitude game box like this one but rather than acts of gratitude, have a few of them be crammed with Thanksgiving treats and therefore the other ones empty. If they punch an empty one, they need to mention something they’re grateful for. If they punch one that features a treat, they get to eat the treat and be done. Players alternate punching a circle until they’ve all found a Thanksgiving treat.

Shake Your Tail Feathers
Supplies: Rectangle tissue boxes, panty hose, and feathers

How to Play:

Before the party, empty a tissue box for every player and replace the tissues with craft feathers. Tape a pair of pantyhose onto each box therefore the box is within the middle of the pantyhose.

To play, give each player a box tied with pantyhose and have them tie the pantyhose around their waist therefore the tissue box is on their backside. Players must move around and shake until all of the feathers fall out of their tissue box.

7 – Please Pass The Corn

Supplies: candy , popsicle sticks, and a shallow bowl or pie tin.

How to Play:

This game is played in pairs. Give each team two popsicle sticks sticks, a bowl filled with candy , then put an empty bowl at the opposite side of the table. Both players should put their popsicle sticks in their mouth.

To play, the player furthest from the empty bowl picks up a bit of candy and sticks it on the popsicle persist with their hand. they need to then transfer the candy from their popsicle stick with their teammate’s popsicle stick (no hands – just popsicle sticks held in mouths) and therefore the second teammate must transfer the piece of candy to the empty bowl. If they miss the bowl, it doesn’t count.

The team that gets the foremost candy transferred successfully into their bowl during a minute wins.

8 – Traffic Yam

Supplies: Raw yams, metal spoons, and painter’s tape (or something else to form a line)

How to Play:

Give each player a raw yam (sweet potato) and have them put it on the bottom on one side of the space . Players must race to urge their yam from one side of the space to cross a line (taped down with painter’s tape) on the opposite side of the space then revisit to the start . Players can only move the yam by pushing it with the spoon.

This one is that the most hilarious if you’ve got multiple people play at an equivalent time because the yams tend to travel in crazy directions. Players also can push other people’s yams to play defense also , just whoever gets their yam across the road first.

9 – Reverse Traffic Yam

Supplies: Raw yams, metal spoons, and painter’s tape (or something else to form a line)

How to Play:

Give each player a raw yam and a metal spoon. Players must place the yam on their spoon and walk across the space and back holding the yam on their spoon (like an egg race). If the yam falls on the bottom , they need to return to the start and begin over.

Make it even harder by making people walk backward! First player to cross the road with their yam safely in their spoon wins.

10 – Corn To Copia

Supplies: Fake corn, empty cornucopia, blindfold

How to Play:

This game requires two players per team. Give one player on each team an outsized empty fake cornucopia and blindfold them and have them stand on one side of the space .

Have the opposite player stand about ten feet away and provides them a bucket filled with plastic or stuffed corns (we used little Indian corns like these ones).

To play, the primary player must hike (football style) the corn to their teammate who must catch three, blindfolded. Or if that’s too tough, catch one. Players can ask one another to assist direct their teammates

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