Cleaning Hack: TOP Best Bathroom Cleaning Hack

Cleaning Hack: TOP Best Bathroom Cleaning Hack

Bathtub Cleaning Hack

Cleaning the mirror is first & important, then move everything off the counter and clean the surface with clorox wipes or comet cleaner. Shine the tap of the sink. confirm to urge the rear of the tap , a neighborhood that’s often neglected.

Bathtub Cleaning Hack

Use a crevice cleaner to urge into the sides where the tile and tub meet. Use it to assist clean out the grout.

Shower Cleaning Hack

Keep before cleaning by wiping down your shower/bathtub after whenever you employ it. Use the crevice cleaner to urge the sides . confirm to wash the tap and knobs, too.

Showerhead Cleaning Hack

Have you noticed your showerhead getting a touch crusty? What you’re seeing are likely mineral or lime deposits from the water. Watch this video for a simple solution to wash your showerhead and obtain the water flow back to normal.

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Toilet Cleaning Hack

Nobody wants to try to to this, but it’s important.

Work from the rear to front and top to bottom of the rest room . confirm to wipe down the rear of the rest room , then the lid, sides, handle and front of the tank. Use Clorox to spray all the areas, including inside and out of doors of the bowl and seat. Wipe down the porcelain behind the seat. confirm to urge all the small crevices clean, too.
Inside the bowl you’ll want to wash under the rim first, therefore the debris can fall under the water. you’ll use a rest room brush for the bowl, but to urge it really clean, using your hands works best for the rim. Flush the rest room then spray again with the cleaner. Use the rest room brush to wash the bowl as far into the bowl as possible. Then flush the rest room again, rinsing the comb because the water flows.
Use the rest room cleaner and spray the receptacle for the rest room brush and use the comb to wash out the within of it. Pour the dirty water into the rest room and flush one last time, again rinsing the comb within the water flow.

Laundry Hacks

One thing I do is to rub a touch Dawn dish detergent whenever my husband gets grease on his shirt. Dawn is great for cutting grease.

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